Group Sessions

Divorce Mini Boot Camps: 5 days (Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday) 60 minutes of daily evening group sessions designed specifically to provide relief related to the trauma of divorce.

  • Divorce: Whether it was a short or long term, a benign or traumatic break up, it is a big life change wrought with feelings that at times can feel overwhelming. This workshop is designed to address the upsetting emotions that comes with divorce. Whether this is happening now or has happened already, if you find yourself needing an outlet for the turmoil that surfaces and resurfaces, this boot camp is for you.

  • Gray Divorce: Similar to above, but with the added bonus of suddenly starting a new life in your 50s. 60's and 70s +, whether by choice or not, and especially after decades married life. The added stress of retirement alone or not being able to retire brings with it additional stress that can feel overwhelming and sometimes fear inducing.

  • Divorce & Betrayal: Along with the divorce is betrayal which comes with all the extra heartache and complete utter despair that this brand of hurt can give.

Each Daily Session covers:

Individual Sessions

  • Reiki Energy Healing (45 minutes)

This relaxation energy healing session requires the recipient to be sitting or lying down in a comfortable quiet location where they will receive focused attention towards specific areas of the body and chakras. Please allot extra time after the session for an enhanced benefit of this stress reducing experience.

  • Emotional Wellness (45 minutes)

In this unique wellness session, I decrease or eliminate overwhelming emotional duress so the client is able to breathe more easily, feel much calmer, and have a better capacity to handle life's hardships. (What I love about this type of session is that if the client is unable to describe what they are feeling, I can still do a very effective clearing; so just come to the session even if you can't articulate what it is you're upset about. It'll get addressed.)

  • Reiki Plus Emotional Wellness (60 minutes)

This combination starts with focusing on the emotional upset and the stress release is amplified with Reiki energy typically resulting in a sense of well-being.

  • Ailment Concerns (60 or 90 minutes)

Similar to the Emotional Wellness option, this specifically is designed to provide relief for physical ailments such as sciatica; back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pains; and wrist, ankles, skin, etc. Depending on the degree of the issue at hand, I find that issues can be resolved after 2-3 sessions with the first being 60 or 90 minutes and the follow-ups at 30-60 minutes.

  • Ailment Concerns Follow-up (30 or 60 minutes)

These sessions are for alleviating residual concerns as once the initial energy healing has settled in, the surrounding or adjacent areas such as muscles, ligaments or tendons that was compensating for the injured parts would need attention for it to accommodate the adjustments.

  • Optimal Outcomes (60 minutes)

Similar to Emotional Wellness, this is very useful for reducing stress and anxiety in areas such as job performance i.e. interviews, presentations, integrating into an office environment; student centered activities that is anxiety provoking - i.e. exams, group presentations; parenting concerns; relationships with friends and family; anything that needs assistance in lowering anxiety.

  • Women’s Health (60 minutes)

Similar to Ailments, this provides support for concerns specific to women, such a period pain, recovery from C-sections, pregnancy, menopause, bladder, etc.

  • Mini Sessions or Follow-up Sessions (30 minutes)

Drop-in Group Sessions

Period Pain

Optimal Outcomes